Envasadoras Verticales
Embalaje 4 carriles de la vertical de la máquina BW series
Embalaje Secundario BZ series
Envasado en continuo, HSD-510
Envasado en continuo, HSC-560
Máquina de embalaje tipo gemelo BX series
Envasado de alta velocidad, BX Serie
Envasado de alta velocidad, BNSerie
Máquina envasadora, BH Series
Máquina envasadora, BM Series
Envasadoras Verticales para bolsa tipo grande
Envasadoras Verticales para soldados bordes de tipo F bolsa
Envasadoras Verticales para Bolsa 4 sellos
Envasadoras Verticales Para Bolsa Tetrahedro
Envasadoras Verticales para malla bolsa
Envasadora vertical inclinada
Máquina empacadora automática
Máquina empacadora automática
Sachet Envasadoras Verticales
Empacadoras Flowpack
Envasadoras Horizontals Para Prehecho Bolsa
Sistemas Completos
Scale o Dosificador
Equipos de Detección
Sistemas de Transporte y Accesorios
Otros Productos


BOHUI Intelligent Packaging Machine Co.,Ltd, found in 2004, specialized in manufacturing and exporting multifunction vertical form fill seal machines and packaging related equipments. BOHUI has modern standard workshop, excellent R&D team, advance processing technology. Annual productions of various models more than 500 sets, 95% was export sale.

BOHUI series packaging machines are widely used in the fild of food, beverage, chemical, medicine, farm product and industrial products. Our products are exported to more than 80 different countries and regions in Europe, America, Latin Ameria, South Asia, Middle east, Africa and Oceania, and win a consistently good reputation. We have exclusive agencies in many countries for expanding sales channel and offering best after-sales service. We not only seel machines, but more importantly offer complete sequence to satisfy and fulfill customer's reuqirements, meantime we supply OEM services for many vertical packaging machines according to different standards.

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