Envasadoras Verticales
Embalaje 4 carriles de la vertical de la máquina BW series
Embalaje Secundario BZ series
Envasado en continuo, HSD-510
Envasado en continuo, HSC-560
Máquina de embalaje tipo gemelo BX series
Envasado de alta velocidad, BX Serie
Envasado de alta velocidad, BNSerie
Máquina envasadora, BH Series
Máquina envasadora, BM Series
Envasadoras Verticales para bolsa tipo grande
Envasadoras Verticales para soldados bordes de tipo F bolsa
Envasadoras Verticales para Bolsa 4 sellos
Envasadoras Verticales Para Bolsa Tetrahedro
Envasadoras Verticales para malla bolsa
Envasadora vertical inclinada
Máquina empacadora automática
Máquina empacadora automática
Sachet Envasadoras Verticales
Empacadoras Flowpack
Envasadoras Horizontals Para Prehecho Bolsa
Sistemas Completos
Scale o Dosificador
Equipos de Detección
Sistemas de Transporte y Accesorios
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Thank you very much for you have been so supporting and helping to BOHUI INTELLIGENT PACKAGING MACHINE CO., LTD over the years.

Please be informed that from June 28th, 2013, our company have changed name to
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Tel number and fax number and other contact information remain the same.

We will appreciate your informing the appropriate departments of these changes.
Tony Cai
June 28th, 2013
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