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Detector De Metales (modular banda)
Modelo: BAC-RMB
Standard configuration
  • 10 kinds of products can be stored in memory.
  • 2 kinds of screen language.
  • Self-learning products.
  • Data statistics.
  • Access code restriction.
  • Self-diagnosis, automatic shutdown on fault condition.
  • Optional output alarm, easily-connected with other equipments.
  • Sound and light alarm.
  • Conveyer belt stop alarm.
  • Pneumatic rejecting device. (optional)
  • Collecting bin for metal-polluted product. (optional)
Performances and characteristics
  • Optimized sensitivity and stability, superior performance.
  • Various measures for anti-interference, like nioses and outside
  • interferences.
  • Large screen display, easier to operate.
  • Modular belt, stable and reliable transmission for heavy product.
  • Suitable for detection in moisty environment.
  • All-stainless steel framework,IP65, in line with the hygiene
  • requirements.
  • Workable in Dry or wet environment, applicable for automatically
  • detecting different products.
Technical specifications

Detecting method
Electromagnetic induction
Tunnel size
Detecting accuracy
FeΦ1.5mm, SUS304Φ2.5mm
Passing through Height
Passing through Width
Conveyoer belt speed
Height from belt to ground
Transmission capacity
220VAC 50/60Hz single phase 250W
About 180kg
Overall dimension

Note: The actual measurement accuracy varies according to different articles to be detected.
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