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Detector De Metales (Caída libre)
Modelo: BAC-RFF
Standard configuration
  • 5.7 inch color touch screen
  • 99 kinds of products can be stored in memory.
  • 3 kinds of screen language.
  • Self-learning products.
  • Data statistics.
  • Access code restriction.
  • Self-diagnosis, automatic shutdown on fault condition.
  • Optional output alarm, easily-connected with other
  • equipments.
  • Sound and light alarm.
  • Pneumatic rejecting device. (optional)
Performances and characteristics
  • Optimized sensitivity and stability, superior performance.
  • Newest anti-interference and anti-vibration design to get
  • highest sensitivity.
  • Touch screen display, easier to operate.
  • Smaller non-metallic area, suitable to install in limited space.
  • All-stainless steel framework, IP65, in line with the hygiene
  • requirements.
  • Applicable to detect loose powders and granular materials
  • and gravity flow feed is used.
Technical specifications
Detecting method
Electromagnetic induction
Aperture size
Detecting accuracy
FeΦ0.6mm, SUS304Φ1.8mm
220VAC 50/60Hz single phase 50W
About 45kg
Note: The actual measurement accuracy varies according to different articles to be detected.
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