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Verificador de Peso+ Detector De Metales
Modelo: BAC-MDC-A
Standard configuration
  • 3-weight sections.
  • Data statistics function, data of nonconforming products can be recorded.
  • Self-diagnosis, automatic shutdown on fault condition.
  • Left-right swaying arm type automatic sorting device.
  • Protection grade: IP45 dustproof/waterproof standard.
Performances and characteristics
Advanced dynamic weighing and digital processing system is used for quick and stable measurement.
A variety of anti-interference measures have a very strong suppression effect to noise and outside interferences.
Large-screen display, simple to operate, all test information can be seen simply at a glance.
Single-button locking modular transmission device, quick assembling and disassembling, simple and easy belt adjustment.
All-stainless steel framework, in line with the hygiene requirements.
Can be used to detect metal substance in a single product, and check whether the weight is in line with the set value, and so it is an economical and practical solution.
Technical specifications
Detection / check method
Electromagnetic induction / digital weighing sensor
Metal detection precision
FE1.0mm SUS2.5mm
Sorting accuracy
± 0.5 gram
Weighing range
5 gram - 900 grams
Passing height
Passing width
Packing length
≤ 300mm
Displayed division value
0.1 gram, 0.2 gram, 0.5 gram, 1 gram
Number of sorting section s
Sorting capacity
Maximum 60 times / min
Conveyor belt speed
10-45 m / min
Height above the ground
735mm - 800mm
Working temperature
0 - 40℃
About 160 kilograms
Overall dimension
1900mm×700mm×1120mm (L×W×H)
Note: The actual measurement accuracy varies according to different articles to be detected.
Packaging size varies in accordance with the specific specifications of the products to be sorted and weighed.
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