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Cups filling packing line BK sereis
Model: BK-M, BK-H, BK-P
Full sets including
-   Feeding conveyor
-   Volumetric cups filler
-   Packing machine
-   Output conveyor
-   Nitrogent maker (option)
-   Check weigher (option)
-   Rotaring table (option)
feeding conveyor loads material by the material level indicator.
Measuring by volumetric cups.
Several model packing machine availiable for different packing size and requests.
Choice of two models of cups filler, single-cups or four-cups model.
Filling range from 10gram up to 3000gram by changing cups and bag former.
Speed up to 40bags depend on filling range, packing material and bag size.
The Volumetric cups filling packing system is designed for filling and packing of loose goods such as rice, poppy, corn, coffee, peas, lentils, some kind of pastas, granulates etc.